FSTest™ Aerobic Count (AC) Plate was evaluated and approved by the AOAC.

Aerobic Count Plate

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Background: The FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates are ready-to-use culture media containing nutrients, a cold-water-soluble gelling agent, and a chromogenic indicator.

Objective: The objective of this study was to validate the FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates method for AOAC INTERNATIONAL Performance Tested 

MethodsSM (PTM) certification for a variety of foods and stainless steel.

Methods: The performance of the FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates were compared to the appropriate reference method, for the detection of total aerobic bacterial in a variety of foods matrixes (raw ground beef, raw ground pork, cooked ham, raw chicken breast, raw shrimp, frozen tuna, shredded bagged lettuce, cherry tomato, pasteurized liquid milk, nonfat milk powder) and on stainless steel surfaces. 

Robustness, consistency, and stability studies of the FSTest AC plate were also conducted.

Results: The results of the matrix study showed the standard deviation of repeatability (sr) was similar in both the FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates method and the reference method. The 90% confidence interval of the difference between means between the two methods was 

found to fall within −0.5 to 0.5 log10 for all matrixes at all levels in the method developer and independent laboratory studies. The data in the report also support that the FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates method is robust, manufactured in a consistent manner, and can be stable for 18months at 4–10

Conclusions: The FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates method is validated to be equivalent to the appropriate reference methods for the enumeration 

of aerobic bacteria in a variety of food matrixes and on stainless steel surfaces at 36 ± 1, and 32 ± 1 (for dairy matrixes) in 24 ± 1h.

Highlights: The FSTestTM Aerobic Count (AC) Plates method offers the advantage of saving labor, space, and time, as results are available within 24h for all tested matrixes.


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