Freshly Released: FSTest Microbiology Count Plate Product Feature Introduction Video

FSTEST Microbiology count plate are pre-prepare nutritional culture media for microbiological analysis of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and environmental facilities in the food and beverage industry. The count plate contains nutrient medium, gel and indicator.

Testing progress:
1. Inoculate 1ml of sample onto the substrate
2. Incubate in a thermostat
3. Calculate the number of colonies

1. The substrate with medium is a pre-prepare nutritional media
2. Shorten research time
3. The inoculate process is simple and fast
4. Clearer bacterial colonies, easier for interpreted

Analysis time:
1. Aerobic (18-24 hours)
2. Coliform (15-24 hours)
3. Yeast & Mold (48-72 hours)
4. Coliform & E.coli (15-24 hours)
5. E. coli & Thermostable Coliform (15-24 hours)
6. Salmonella (15-24 hours)
7. Staphylococcus aureus (15-24 hours)
8. Enterobacteriaceae (15-24 hours)
9. Listeria (18-24 hours)
10. Bacillus cereus (15-24 hours)

More product detail please visit:
FSTEST Microbiology count plate


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