Salmonella Rapid Test Kit(lateral flow)
Salmonella Rapid Test Kit(lateral flow)
Brand: FSTest
CatNO: MC32.4129.5
Specifications: 10 tests/kit
Shelf life: 12 months
Application: Intended to test salmonella in water, beverages, dairy products, meat, eggs, etc.


FSTest Salmonella Rapid Test Kit(lateral flow) is qualitative test based on sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. The test cassette has a window for process observation and result reading. The T (test) and a C (control) zone on the testing window are invisible before running the assay. After the treated sample is dropped into the sample hole, the liquid will flow through the surface of the test trip laterally and react with the pre-coated recombinant antigens. If there are salmonella present in the sample, The T-line will be visible. Meanwhile, the C line is expected to always be visible if sample is applied, which acts as an indicator of result validity. By these means, the presence of salmonella in the sample can be determined.


Test cassette  x10

PBS diluent (1.5mL) x1

Enrichment Broth (50mL) x1

Disposable pipette (0.2mL) x10

User manual.


Intended to test salmonella in water, beverages, dairy products, meat, eggs, etc.




Stored at 2-25℃ with seal, at a cool and dry place within a shelf-life of 12 months.

Sample preparation

1. Weigh 25mL/g of sample and put it into a sampling bottle or homogenizer cup which contains 225mL of sterilized normal saline

and make 1:10 diluted homogenate.

2. Inoculate 1mL of the sample homogenate into a test tube which contains 4mL of GN Enrichment Broth aseptically.

3. Incubate the test tube at 37℃ for 18-24hr (shaking at 250rpm preferred). 

4. Treat the culture with heat in boiling water (around 90℃) for 15 mins and wait until it cools down to room temperature.

5. Take 5 drops of culture and mix it with 5 drops of PBS diluent for test. 


1Take out a test cassette from the package.

2Mount 5-6 drops (around 100μL) of dilute sample into the sample hole, wait for 10-13 mins.


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