Surface Hygiene Test Card
Surface Hygiene Test Card
Brand: FSTest
CatNO: MC32.2092.5
Specifications: 50 tests/kit
Shelf life: Store sealed in 4-10℃ for 18 months. Store in 10-25℃ for 12 months with sealed.
Application: Intended for personnel hand hygiene, food processing equipment, catering kitchen environment, public environment surface hygiene rapid detection.


The presence of proteins in environment provides for a hotbed for rapid propagation of microorganisms;  and the protein itself is one of the vital structure components of bacterial cells.  The FSTest surface hygiene test card is a paper-based testing sensor that reacts with protein residue on tableware and food processing equipment by changing colors.  By comparing the results with the standard colorimetric card, the hygiene degree of surface is semi-quantitative evaluated.


Popular science education, public health, domestic use and market supervision.

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