MC1000 Automatic Colony Counter
MC1000 Automatic Colony Counter
Brand: FSTest
CatNO: MC31.3166.5
Application: Microbiology testing in industries such as Environmental, Food, Pharma, Biotech, etc


MC1000 is an automatic colony counter that ensures fast and efficient counting of colonies on FSTEST microbiology count plate/detecting plate, and gives you quick, accurate reading of the results.

Performance characteristics:

Touch display screen

HD screen, direct display of results, no need to connect to computer.

Powerful counting processing

Automatic quick count of colonies, Identify different Chromogenic combinations such as red, green, and blue.

Easy to carry

Compact design, easy to carry, suitable for different detection environments.

Rapid, accurate and easy to use

Rapid and accurate counting, automatically saved results, easy to use.

Digitization and informatization

Result upload to data platform is available, to realize the digitization and informatization of laboratory data.

Production formation:

Automatic Colony Counter(include imaging components, light source components, analysis software, touch-screen display ),

USB line

Power supply adapter

User manual


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